Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My last July weekend

Last Saturday noon, having a great time gathering with my close ex-colleagues at Sunway Pyramid. We met at Restaurant Fish Manhattan for lunch. Ask 6 ppl out, only 4 of us turn up. Really long time never met with each other and we have a good time eat and chat together.

We all share about what are we currently doing. It is very true that, last time we work very hard and boss not treating us fairly here and there. What Alice said is very true, company don't feel any lost no matter how important are you in your position, you can be replace. But, if your family lost you, no one can replace. Working is not everything, family and our closed one are still comes first. Happy to see that now they work in the job and environment they like now and most important they have more time for own and family.

When I talk about mine, blog virus is hack on me. I share to them my blogging world, earn from paid post and my boring SAHM life. After lunch, we shop for a while then back home. Able to get a new bag to pack Terry stuff when go out.

Sunday, Malay clerk's sis wedding kenduri at a multi purpose hall in Putrajaya, P8D. This is my very first time attending Malay wedding to see the whole adat bersanding. Kenduri served with nasi kunyit, rendang mutton and chicken and some other spicy and sweet dish and sirap drink. They invited 1500 guests. After the ceremony bersanding, the couple up at Pelamin and let family members to sprinkle air mawar on them. Think that this is a way show blessing or wishes? The Malay guest started fill up the hall..we leave after that.

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