Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Study template

I don't find my template got problem all these while. The loading sequence of this blog goes to the sidebar content first, then only display the main content. Sometime halfway loading sidebar it stop a while, then only it load again. Do you find this situation too when loading my blog?

For page load, it is very much depends on connection. I understand that sometimes it is a bit slow and believed some of my blog visitors also facing the same problem. Sometime it even got hang, that I can't do anything, thats the Blogger server traffic problem. I foresee the problem may causes my blog load slow could be the image ads or many posts? So far I have deleted the Google image ad and reduce no. of post to display. Other than that mostly are text, but just couldn't understand where actually goes wrong. Thats the much I can do for the time being. I have used Website Speed Test to check the page loading time. The result read the loading time is very good, under 2 seconds.

Changing a template really a big job to do. I really like my current template, which I've done lot of changes and adjustment before I put it on live. Transfer all the side bar items is a must, reading the CSS bit by bit and refresh the test blog many times just to make sure everything are in place and not out of alignment. It is not easy, some CSS code and syntax really don't know how they work, I just trial and error. This template take me 3 nights doing it. It is very tiring actually. At the moment, I don't plan to change it, sorry for those who have problem loading. Pls just bear a bit longer for that and don't leave me out.

I started to learn using Beta blogger in my test blog, just in case one day if I want to renovate my blog I can go for Beta version instead of classic template. Somehow after test used, I still find classic template CSS are more easy to modified than beta. Beta version in a way that is friendly and easy to use in changing font & colours and placing extra page elements. When Editing HTML, really put me on test. I don't even dare to touch anything and do trial and error. It is not good to play with it.

Now, I'm test out with Minima template design and trying to put background header with own image. These 2 days I have read a lot of tutorials on beta blogger and try to use it in my test blog. So far so good. But still I can't solve my problem now and get what I want....

Why, so hard to touch CSS, just get a template and start over again! yeah I know, I have googled lots of template, find the layout that I like but here and there appear something that I don't like. So, what perfectly suit me is to do my own la...I just want my blog looks unique. So, times to go for my next changes.

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