Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Received my free canvas print

Remember the review I wrote about getting a free canvas print? Here it is, finally I received it all the way from Canvas On Demand in US. Very happy about it as this is my very first assignment with PayU2Blog and they giving me this superb offer. Bet it is hard to get this kind of good opportunity from others, blog post with payment plus free gift. This 16x20 size canvas cost $89. You know, I don't even have to pay a single penny for this canvas delivered to me. It is totally free.
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This is a collage scrapbook done by jazzmint for the first 12 months of Terry's growth. The canvas using standard gallery wrap without frame on the stretched canvas. The quality of the finished product is just amazing and I'm impressed with the colorization. Canvas On Demand specially offer all kind of photo editing and technique you want before you print your canvas. You can change the photo background, black and white or Sepia to colorization, retouching and adjustment on color or even a torn and damaged photo can be repair before print.

A great idea for photo print on canvas can be used as an anniversary gift for any family member. Photo of the parents with their children and grandchildren or just a couple photo during big days or vacation can always put it up on canvas. It truly reminds the good times together, bring back lots of memories and keep each other closer.

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jazzmint said...

wow...that is so nice leh...i never imagine a scrap printed on canvas hehehe...and for the amount, very worth it ;). I hope none of the side got cropped.

Lovely Mummy said...

yes, i remember you told me before....emmm, so nice and very worth it, u so lucky lor.... :)

wHOisBaBy said...

wah, that's so nice. free shipping somemore.

Etcetera~Mommy said...

It's very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!