Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Saturday - got invited by Karen to celebrate her 12th day after birth of baby Kaith. Saw her little princess finally, a very tiny small baby and very look alike mummy. Spend sometimes adoring this little one before other guests arrived and Kaith's mummy back from hair wash.

This hip mama not look like having confinement at all. She looks damn "kuat", can feel she is very energetic. Looks like she happily enjoying her long holiday at home more than confinement.

Pig trotter and yellow wine chicken were served to us. I like the pig trotter wine especially, really taste nice, I eat a lot :P Looking at small baby, eating confinement dish brings me back a lot of my confinement memories. Just stay a short while there and rush back for Terry who under my mum for 2.5 hours. You see, SAHM really can't go out for long.

On the way back home, went to Connaught pack some yong tau foo for my own dinner as hubby way up to Genting enjoy MLTR's concert.

Sunday - A rainy day, finally I can feel the cold breeze. Skipped church. After rain stop went to shop at Mid valley, since it is sales now. 3 months long didn't shop, can't control myself not going to shop. Buying new pair of shoe is my main target. Went at 3.30pm, luckily can easily found a parking although outside is still rain a bit and jam.

Hunt at 3 shoe shops, found what I like but no more size. See thats how goes to the standard woman shoe size 5. Always no stock. Hai..very disappointed, purposely went, but got nothing back. Nevermind, head to Jusco supermarket buy kiwi and sushi. Couldn't continue to window shop anymore, my boy just 2 hours in the mall, he started to get cranky and don't want to stay in stroller, so we got to go home instead of planning to go straight for my 3rd uncle's 60th birthday dinner at Pandan Indah.

Gave milk in car while on the way home, hope that he can get some sleep later at home. He is tired, but after bath still couldn't sleep. He continue to play until we get out for dinner. Once in car, sleep all the way to the restaurant for the good 30 mins. Luckily at dinner time he not cranky, can sit still on the high chair and look around for kids who running around with balloons, also I carry him to mingle around with his cousin. The dinner is very good, all expensive dishes. The birthday cake - jelly cake and walnut cake, both taste nice. I let Terry to try the walnut cake, after finish he cried for more.


Annie Q said...

Wow..u can go Mid Valley together with ur boy alone...very sai lei!
Look like u got a busy weekend too ya? ;)

Judy Chow said...

No No..with hubby...I can't go alone with my boy.