Thursday, July 19, 2007

My first sushi making

Remember my wish wanted learn to make sushi? Yes, today I try to roll my own sushi. Have a little successful feel at least to mend my failure of frying meatball..LOL! That day shop at Jusco not able to get it as Terry got cranky. The next day, hubby brought back after work. After watching the DVD yesterday, I was so eager to start making.
This is what I have in a Sushi making set, come in a bag - RM29.90, consists of the bamboo rolling mat, soya sauce, sushi rice vinegar, dried seaweed x10, wasabi and a DVD included teaching you very detail from how to cook rice to how to roll various type of sushi. Of cause a bag of Super Komachi Japanese rice.

Here I show you how to cook the rice.

Ingredients:- (portion of making 4 small roll)
1 cup Japanese rice
1.25 cups water
60 ml sushi rice vinegar
1 tablespoon sugar
0.5 teaspoon salt

1. Cook the rice , after cook and mix it well with sugar, salt and rice vinegar.
2. Let the rice cold under room temperature.
3. After that, you can start rolling. To see how to roll, you can check it here. Remember always wet your hand before touching the rice.

After trying to make 4 small rolls, I still couldn't really get the nice round shape sushi and the filling place right in the center. I don't know how it happen, I place in the center but after cut in to small pieces can see the filling not so center. Hhm..nevermind still can try make it better next round.

The overall taste of rice and filing is just right. The filling I used today is Ayam brand Tuna Chunk in Oil. Will try using some others fillings later. Here's my first work on Tuna maki-sushi roll.


L'abeille said...

Great post! You've just gave me an idea to make some this weekend... hehe..only if I have the "mood" tomorrow :p

Baby Darren said...

wah..u really geng. With Terry around still can make Sushi...