Monday, July 02, 2007

Is mealtime usually difficult?

It is getting more and more difficult to please children during mealtimes. Parents have to draw on their reserve of patience and creativity to coax them to eat right. Make food appealing and mealtimes exciting so that even the more fussy eaters cannot resist them.
It's all about fun
Involve children in grown up things. get them to help. Your child can help you lay the table and prepare the food. Use cookie cutters to cut fun shapes for sandwiches and decorate them with carrots and lettuce. Voila! Food that is fun and attractive.

Keeping company
Sit with your child while she eats; it is a great time for stories and bonding. Sich healthy distractions will make eating seem, less of a chore but give added value to family time.

Sharing responsibility
When your child gets to have her 'say' in what she would like to eat; she will be more willing to try new things because then it would be her choice!

Praising good habits
Be generous with your compliments and praise. Children will be motivated when they are showered with 'Well dones' and 'That's a good girl'.

Presenting small amounts
Fill plates with just enough to tempt your child to eat so that she would be asking for more. Piling plates high with food can be overwhelming.

Keeping your cool
Do not lose patience no matter how trying feeding time can be. Persevere and you will be looking forward to a peaceful experience.

Building the appetite
We all know that snacking is a favourite filler between mealtimes but keep snacks light and small. This way, children will still look forward to mealtimes.

This article taken from Enfamama magazines, it is quite useful. Hope it helps a bit.

What I can foresee is only when kid start reaching the age of 2 above will face such difficult mealtime, where they know how to choose things and able to eat by themselve. I'm so afraid to see those mum chasing their kid to feed during mealtime. Not sure whether they not being taught in proper way or that is the kid behaviour.

Once I saw my neighbor feeding her son in the front yard while the kid holding the water pipe and play with water. My friend told me that her daughter must eat in front of the TV show. The worst comes to my aunty, she took 3 hours with lots of chasing, running and smacking to feed her son for just a bowl of rice. I believe that is really a hell time for her. Another neighbor, her daughter need to eat the rice with chocolate chip inside. Really a lot of such case when come to feeding the kid. A lesson need to learn again and test our patience.

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Amidrin said...

Wah...although I do not have my own kids yet, I can imagine how hard it is to feed those "difficult child". If I have one of those, I think I will tie them up on a chair to force them to finish their meal. I don't want to go crazy chasing them around. If they crave for freedom, I think it will works ...hahaha