Friday, July 20, 2007

Online shopping again

Since last online shopping experience that makes me feel nothing to complain, I really enjoy sitting comfortable at home and browsing my favourite items from eBay or other local online shop. You see, sometimes when really got mood to shop at malls, always turn me down, especially now during sales time. Might as well buy online or from small boutique shop which offer good prices.

Early week, I just did my 4 figure RM cash out. It is now time to reward myself a bit. I shop at Fashion2U, a local online shop selling young and trendy ladies apparel. I bought 3 pieces tops, 2 of it is to match with legging. I'm taking big gut to shop for clothes online for the first time. It is no way for you to try it on or check the material. All based on the product info, picture and a lot of email asking. So, got to measure roughly my size and the measurement info provided, just make sure it is between the measurement. There are certain risk to purchase online, like lost in postage and no return/exchange/refund. Item average cost higher a bit if we added in with shipping fee. Always I treat that as taxi fee, petrol fee or parking fee. Is almost similar cost plus the time walk up and down the mall.

So online store is always suitable for those who not drive, lazy to move or SAHM with small kids....if can I don't tag along my boy to shop. Once he get cranky I can't continue to walk. My trustee is still goes for local online store more than eBay those. I can't bear high USD charges on shipping at first, long waiting on delivery time and also very high risk in lost postage.


TheBlueRanger said...

wah! 4 figure payout wor
btw, very nice tops

Baby Darren said...

wah...can really earn pocket money from PPP ar?

jazzmint said...

wah..not bad leh..must go visit the site hehe

Annie Q said...

thanks for sharing.Very nice tops!