Monday, July 09, 2007

Infected by Blogitivis

The virus have pass to me, double infected, from Karen and Lovely Mummy, a blogger mummy who I just added her. See why Blogivitis is a hard treat blogging disease to me.
  1. Anything that I see, eat, smell, think, I make it as a blog topic.
  2. First thing in the morning, I'll on my computer to check anything happen to my blog, anyone comment and look forward what are the interesting stuff I read during blog hop.
  3. I will finish my blog stuff before any house chore or even my lunch. Sometime having late lunch.
  4. Even I'm half way of doing house chore or cooking, I will speed up the work and back to my blog.
  5. Because of paid post, I'm more tied up and have more passion to blog.
  6. Throught blogging I know more blogger and friends. From there easy to find out updates about them.
  7. If you ask me, am I boring staying at home with baby. I would say not so, in fact I'm very busying with blogging. It is big part of my life, it is my job.
  8. I start promoting and bring in my blog world when have casual chat with friends.
  9. Blog also help to brush up my writing and thinking skill.
  10. If any friends want find out how's my life lately, I will direct them to read my blog.
That's how Blogivitis virus infected me and flow over my mind and body. Not passing this tag, as I can see many being infected.

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The Happy Medium said...

Good Post! I'm almost this infected.