Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Failure in making meat ball

Initial plan of the night was wanted to make steam egg with minced pork, but suddenly come across Michelle's cookblog on making this Potatoes Meat Ball, since the ingredients are just almost the same. So I was thinking why not tonight I try to something different.

Follow as what told in the ingredients and steps. For frying part, I do not have breadscrumb on my hand. After thinking and get some advise from Msaufong, think I can replace it with frying flour, since thats the only thing I have. Minced the meat, mash the potatoes, seasoning it and I even added in some carrot fine slice. After finish preparing meatball, rest a while then started to cook.

My this frying flour instruction there said need to mix the flour with water, so I follow. Knead the meat into small ball, coated with the flour and put in the hot oil deep fry it. OMG, you know what happen, the small ball is out of round shape. After trying a few, I was thinking it must be too wet, either the meat or the flour shouldn't mix with water. So I try the rest coat only with flour. The outcome is slightly better than previous one, but the meat ball is still out of shape and both when deep in the oil it is very much stick to the wok and it causes many black burn stick to the meat ball..Can see some meat ball cooked at outside but not cook inside.

Ahh...totally no eye see, half cooked half burned. Since it is late, I don't want to fry anymore, left the half bowl of meat put it to steam with eggs. For half cooked meat ball, I double heat it again with microwave.

About 10 meat balls there, I ate most by myself, left 2 pcs looks a bit presentable for hubby to try. Can find the taste there but the frying makes worst of it. What a failure.... I got to find out where is my problem with the recipe's author later.


msaufong said...

hmm...the potato meat are soft inside kah? I think for frying crispy better use flour only or mix with egg better ler..how come mix with water one? When fry mai bi-bi-bla-bla lor?

I gotta try this out this weekend and let you know thee result too..hehe

L'abeille said...

I've such experience before. But the reason why my meatballs stick to the pan was usually due to two possibilities:-

1) too little old in the walk
2) enough oil but the oil is not hot enough.

michelle said...

Practise makes perfect...keep trying, u will succeed. Yeah oil must be hot when you deep fried and must have enough oil to cover the item you are frying.

Annie Q said...

Hey!Me also doing meat ball on last sat lei.
Mine one, the meat ball didnt coat with anything, i just fry like that, or u can coat with some corn flour and fry it.I make sweet and sour meat ball. My boys just love it!I use mince meat to do meat ball and it's very tender!Yummy! Happy trying again.

L'abeille said...

Oh my goodness... did i just said "too little old in the walk"?

It should be "too little oil in the wok" hahaha....