Thursday, July 12, 2007

Health freak home

Lately our topic is more on eating health and healthy living. Hubby all this while not believe in nutrition product especially from direct sales. He criticize me eating a lot on those health product and expensive one, but not realised that I've actually giving him a good and healthy Terry boy. I don't what makes him sign up for Amway distributor membership not long ago and start buying a lot of things from Amway.

It is not a bad things at least now he sees health is very important and have to start detox our body and maintain health. Normally hubby order product online through and the next day morning the courier man will deliver it to my doorstep. This of cause very convenient, not like my mum's time upline need to send order to downline. During weekend if having special invitation on product review, workshop or meeting, he will join in.
Range of products we are currently consume are Calcium, Fibre, Vitamin C, Daily, Double X, Herb for Men and Women, Active 8 and Protein. Currently I'm on Double X, twice a day, 3 capsules each time. So far so good, I can check my stool having a lot of impurity stuff wash out, also I can sleep more tight and comfortable at night. Hubby also having improvement on stamina and energetic at daytime. Other than this, he bought me some oral care products too like tooth paste, tooth brush and mouth spray (Glister).
For our home, he continue to invest in ATMOSPHERE Air Purifier and the coming Amway 3rd generation Water Treatment System, which will be launch coming September. These are the 2 most costly one.

Talking about the water filter, currently we are using Diamond Anti-bac water system. Since 2 months ago, I wanted to change Filter A and have been ask around Diamond booth, Sen-Q outlet and Jusco, all give me a no stock answer. Ask when they have, they ask you to buy from others. Even hubby went to HQ to check also no stock for twice. I was thinking is this filter still in production or forever no more stock. You see they don't give our customer after sales confidence, how they want their customer to use the product? See, it is not that we don't like it, but problem getting spare part down the road really a head-ache problem, might as well invest in an international standard product. Yeah, Diamond is made in Malaysia.

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