Friday, June 29, 2007

Are you addicted to Internet ?

You Are 52% Addicted to the Internet

You're somewhat addicted to the internet - but who isn't?
You can keep it under check, and you're by no means a hermit.

I thought having a bit higher than 52%, cause everyday most of my time is in front of computer. Check mail, blogging and MSN are the most I did. During daytime I spend more time on the computer, towards late afternoon till night I won't on my computer, unless important things need to do. Somehow Internet and computer not my very main thing in life, but now with paid post plays in, really can't live without it!

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papajoneh said...

well judy, i am one of those can't live without internet. I bought my laptop just because of this. :)
furthermore with by being newbie in paidposting, even worst. if not online, "sakit"!