Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lonesome 6

Last night hubby took midnight flight to Shanghai starting his 6D4N trip, left me and Terry at home. I still very sick with cough till last night. I hardly sleep 4 hours due to terrible cough back again.

So hubby away, I got to stay alone in the house for at least another 3 days long before the weekend. Damn boring, and hard to cook with only myself eating. I'm not planning what to do like shopping or meeting friends, just no mood in doing anything in sick mode.

Supposed yesterday turns better. Don't know is it cause of drinking the soup cooked with chicken, midnight I cough till cannot sleep and go pop the cough syrup again. Really can't take it, cough till tears drop, short breath, nose block and pain in abdomen. See whatelse I can eat later. My throat really in pain after coughing too much.

Yeah about my coming Japan trip, it has been cancel. A bit sad, hopefully can go somewhere else before HK trip.

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