Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Terry at 1 year old

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Weight: 10.38kg
Height: 75.5cm
Head measurement: 48cm
Milk: 6-6.5oz / 3 times per day
Solid: Fish + vege porridge / 2 times per day
Water: 7-8oz per day

1) Growing up as a toddler now, he can sit longer to play his toy or watching TV.

2) Holding up to stand and only able to walk within playpen/cot. When holding up at sofa or chairs he feel scare to make him steps. Hold to stand to where we are sitting now.

3) Able to do some simple actions.
  • Pai pai shou - clap his hand
  • Bye-bye - wave hand up and down
  • Dancing - will shake his body
  • Gieng-gieng (scared) - pat on chest
  • Tou, bi zhi, er duo (head, nose, ear) - pat on head, ear and nose
  • Mei you (don't have) - open and close his finger
  • Give, thank you (with your palm open up) - he will loose his finger and put the things he hold on your palm
4) More on his baby language. Able to call out "ma", "mum-mum" and most of the time "pa" a lot now. When want your attention, except from crying, occasionally he will "uh-uh", "beh" or "wei".

5) More responsive now, whenever we talk to him or watching cartoon, he will laugh or smile when having funny music or action. Sometime, "eehh -akk-ekk" like responding to you.

6) Know the correct way of playing toys.

7) Ask him, where is the toys or things I normal shown him, he will look or point to the place.

8) Milk time, ask him to lie down, he will lie. Gave him the bottle and he will hold and wallop till finish. Meantime, I can do some quick work, like going to wash room. After finish, he put away the bottle then I hand him some water. Everything finish, he will wake up and burp himself. Very fast and easy now.

9) Bath time, very naughty, keep on want to turn here and there to play, sometime really hard to catch him to lie quietly.

10) When go out to eat, no longer bring stroller, let him sit on high chair. Unless go shopping then need to bring stroller, is quite handy to carry for a lil bit longer now.
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Here is the daily timetable:-
8.30am-9.00am - Wake up, milk 6.5oz (Formula + E.Excel Nutrifresh half pack)
9.30am-10.00am - After poo-ed, bath
10.00am-11.00am - Watch Barney or play toys
11.30am-1.00pm - 1st nap
1.30pm-2.30pm - Lunch porridge (depends on what time he wake up, normally eat during these hour), change diaper
2.30pm-5.00pm - Play toys/watch TV or cartoons/listen songs/walker/eat fruits
5.00pm-6.00pm- 2nd nap
6.00pm-6.30pm - Milk 6 oz.
6.30pm-7.00pm - Bath
7.00pm-8.30pm - If not taking nap at 5pm, he will sleep at this hour else play
8.30pm-9.00pm - Dinner porridge (same pot, just heat up)
9.00pm-9.30pm - Watch TV with us and play
9.30pm-10.30pm - Back to bedroom
10.30pm-11.00pm - Last feed 6 oz.
11.00pm-12.00am - Sleep.

11) Whenever he looks tired, placed him to the bed and he will lie down to sleep by himself. No midnight feed, drink water when cried until he turn away to sleep again.

12) Poo-ed twice a day, morning and after lunch else before evening bath.

Took MMR jab on 22nd May, no tiny bit cry, but when comes to hair cut few days before he turned 1, cry like no tomorrow, until he get very tired and after bath fall asleep immediatedly.

Getting more easier to take care as he grow. His smile, those cheeky did and lovely touch really brighten up my day. Terry boy, mummy love you very very much! you are such a precious child gifted from God, mummy proud of your growth!


Amidrin said...

Wah..Judy, your boy really very cute. I haven't got the chance to see him in person. So fast grow up already... One of these days if u did come to Mid Vally shopping in the evening during weekdays, let me know lar...I go see your boy. I usually go back late after work now.

Baby Darren said...

you are really blessed with one "guai guai zhai". He really sounds like very easy to take care leh...a very easily contented baby. Lucky you!!!

karenyiau said...

When he starts to climb up & down, running around the whole house touching everything, it'll be challenging & restless days for you again.. hehehe :) Enjoy!

Annie Q said...

i like the scrap..very nice!!

papajoneh said...

well, Terry becoming man already.. wow. Getting taller and getting busier. I see u really proud of him. well, I'm happy too to see u happy Judy. Wait till he got to 2 yrs... kekeke. Lagi syiok :D