Monday, June 25, 2007

Cough, cough, cough

Last week, after my birthday, first thing I got was I fall sick. Actually in the past week I already feel something not right, like easy to get tired. That day, I just own medicate myself, somehow able to get through it. But last week, I fail totally. First, I got soar throat, so I just bought some throat sweet for soothing and drink lots of water.

Who knows the next morning, I feel very very sick, throat getting more pain, head-ache, bone ache, fever, heart beat increase, sweating, body feel no energy, all come suddently. Went to see doctor finally and get some not-so-strong medicines. After take the course, fever all gone and left soar throat still recovering slow. The next episode is cough causing by the soar throat.

Starting from last Thursday till today, everyday I was cough and cough non-stop, till my tear drop, flu, almost vomit and wet my pant. I didn't back to doctor again. My mum bought me some chinese ingredient to boil water for soothing lungs and cough. After took that for 2 days, feel much better, but stilll cough on and off once for very strong one. Very terrible. Also worried that I passed the virus to Terry. Luckily till today he was ok, the thing is he will cry when I cough, scare of my coughing noise at night.

Today still coughing, wanted to boil the ingredient, but left out something, so not cooking it today. I've bought the coughing syrup, hope this is the final one I take to relieve my cough.

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Etcetera~Mommy said...

Oh dear.. hope you will recover from your cough soon..