Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blogging hits

Since mid of February till today doing on PPP, I successfully hit the first 100th posts with earning of $727. Quite happy about it, also with other paid post site here and there around 50 posts I have done so far.

For posting in this blog, not long ago just hitting the total of 500 posts. Consider very slow progress since September 2004 started this blog. If not putting paid post here, think it fills up more slow. Last time when first start to do blogging, only a few blogger visits. Those are ppl who also writing blog. I treat blog as a journal or diary last time, seldom invite close friends or friends to visit. Like a bit scared to reveal too much of myself.

Later after exploring more starting to know that, blog means share thoughts and feelings, put on things that I afraid to say out loud or get things to put down as memories. I started to expose more on blogging and blog hop during my days of pregnant. By reading many mummies, babies and kids story I started to open up with more topics to jot down. Up to today I have linked up with many mummies out there. We shared each other stories through blog and from there have make some friends. I find mummy blogs are more informative and juicy to read than those who not married bloggers.

After get into blogging, I've actually learn a lot of things, not only plain in writing. Without blogging, my SAHM life will be dead bore. Since I have the knowledge in blogging and doing paid post, when someone stuck in blog or paid post I will help up to solve the problem, answer their question and give them some essential guide in setup and roll on. In some days, ppl help me and now I help others who need.

Sometimes this blog also work as a bridge to get back those long lost friend of mine who write blog too. Hopefully in later time, I can have more topic to drop, especially contribute more posts about my life moments. Lastly, thank you to all my current blog visitors (silence ones too) who love my blog and giving support through comments.


jazzmint said...

hehe..blogging is therapeutic ;)

karenyiau said...

Will continue to support la of coz, thanks for your guidance :)