Monday, June 04, 2007

Suzanne's new born

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Congratulations to my close friend Suzanne, on 31st May gave birth to a baby boy. Welcome the new born, weighted 3.35kg. I just thought of her this morning wanted to give her a call as she told me giving birth early June. Before I get to call her, got her MMS on her newborn. So fast get pop liow. They got married last year Oct and the baby is here to join the family.

May the pride of joy bring much more laughter and happiness to your family. God blessed with good health.


papajoneh said...

congrats for her... i really like seeing new born baby. Now this is a boy.. any name already? Ok I go kepho at suzanne's place then ;)

karenyiau said...

very cute baby... makes me "kan cheong" already now.... :)

Desperate Mummy said...

Same to papajoneh I like newborn too :D

Judy Chow said...

papajoneh: aikss..she don't have blog yet. Not yet fix his name. This baby having heavy jaundice still stay in hospital.

karen: be patient and take care as your day is near.

papajoneh said...

yea..i thought she got a blog..well, ask her then..join us all.
Alamak, kena jaundice... son at 3 days already stuck in the ICU for 3 weeks.. and I'm taking leave to jaga him..
wish her son get well soon :)