Friday, June 08, 2007

Paid-post progress

Lately I can claim that doing paid-post from PayPerPost is not that easy as when I newly sign up. With the new upgrading of opps reservation time to 6 hours, it greatly hard to grab opps now compare to last time it is now more fast to opps finished taken. Topic offer is another reason, not much interested to write, but due to the attractive paid, crack brain also have to write. Everytime whenever I login, the opps page is very colourful now, it is fully in grey and red (grey-opps available, but fully reserved. Red-Not available). Only left those not so interested one are in white or green, some are reserved for selected countries postie. Really boring seeing that.

Since PPP not much in favour now, I go for Bloggerwave and Sponsored Reviews to find more offer. Bloggerwave, very quiet now, only 3 opps offered, nobody rebut with you. I'm still hang there, not yet start take for posting. For Sponsored Reviews, it plays different, you take the opps for bid. Advertiser will then concsider whether to accept your bid then only can start writing. So, there is some waiting time there before you can do the post. Currently bid for 6 only did 1 of it, others are in pending or got rejected. For Blogitive, lately the topic offers are keep on repeating. Yes, we can still write about it, but it kind of boring to repeat it for the same topic but different text link. For Blogsvertise there are offered, one month one offer, currently there are 2 tasks yet to complete.

As for the moment, all paid post site I'm just doing fairly, nothing surprise, therefore earning is slow down too.

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