Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Last Saturday night went for Father's day dinner at Restaurant Pik Wah with Pang Association members, also the celebration are in conjunction with 52nd anniversary and issue of scholarship to Pang's student. Reach there a bit late, after President (my FIL) finish his speech, as Terry was taking evening nap till 7.10pm + raining and slow traffic.

That night the restaurant is full house, no place for walk in guest. The hall having another wedding dinner on too. Makes the whole environment are bustling. Terry non stop looking around with colourful light twisting when the bride match in and staring kids running around at the stage.

8 course simple dish, big portion and tasty. This restaurant although is old fashion and no high class renovation, perhaps when full house it is really cramp. But they wins with their tasty table dish and reasonable charges, thats why they still can survive till today.

No luck to get any lucky draw prize. Those prizes are all mostly sponsors by members. They are cash prizes, electrical products, vouchers, handphone and hampers. Everything ends around 10.30pm. Brandon not feeling well, still on medicines. For myself, the last few days also feeling uneasy. Not went for doctor, just own cure with chinese capsule. Now ok already.

Sunday, me and Terry went to church, left hub at home, since he not feeling well. At night, have dinner out with my family before heading home. Here, wishes all first-time dad, dad for many years, grandfather, great-grand-father, blogger Daddy a very


May you continue to stay healthy and be the good father who faithfully support the family and covers everyone in the home with warm, loves and laughters.

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