Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Photo print on canvas

I still remember I have a task not yet complete during my boy's 1st birthday, that is to make a photo frame up with his first 12 months growth using scrapbook material. After found out that scrapbook material is kind of expensive, and I'm not good using it, so at the end didn't buy it. Now, I'm going to scrap it in computer and print it out. The most I worried is the print result, the color we used might not print as what we see in computer.

Since now having Canvas on Demand, I can send the scrapbook to them to do the photo enlargement and get it print in the size of 16x20 for free as an acknowlegment. Currently I'm still adjusting the scrapbook work here and there before get it print on canvas. Can't wait for it, this canvas gonna hang up on the hall. Later I will share with you the result of this canvas print. Stay tune!
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