Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Finding that gem of a babysitter

While some new mums can count on help from their parents or in-laws, many have to resort sending their babies to babysitters. Here are some ways help you along:

  1. Talk to friends, family members or neighbours and get recommnedations. They may be able to point you to the right direction.
  2. Once on the job, does she offer you feedback about how the day went with your baby?
  3. Experience makes better babysitters. Ask for a resume, it can be simple chat about her past working experience, how long she's been babysitting or of she has children of her own.
  4. Does she have references from happy parents?
  5. Does she have her own toys and books to play and read to your baby? Good babysitters go that extra mile by spending a little money to keep baby occupied.
  6. How does she handles about the caring of your baby? For example, what kind of snacks/food allowed, if your baby is allowed to be taken out and where, etc.
  7. Meet the babysitter and check out the environment. Is there a suitable place for your baby to nap? Is the place baby-friendly?
  8. Does she finish all her babysitting duties on time? Is your baby fed, bathed etc by the time you come to pick her up? Being punctual is a good indicator of a responsible person.
  9. It would be a big plus if she was trained in or at least know a little about first-aid.
  10. Does she ask relevant questions about your child? Questions about your child's habits and personality are good signs that the sitter genuinly cares for your child.
  11. Does the babysitter exude warmth and friendliness? Is she positive? An engaging personality is a good clue that she'll be fun with your child as well.
  12. Last but not least, go with your gut feelings. If it doesn't feel right, then don't push ahead.

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