Saturday, June 16, 2007

How to stop or avoid flu?

Just in case you accidentally catch cold or flu, here having a secret tips to help you stop before getting serious. Somehow, no harm trying. If not getting better can still go seek advise from doctor.

If you start to feel running nose, sneeze, a bit head ache, thats the sign you are going to get cold or flu.

  1. Quickly drink 2-3 glasses HOT water (as hot as you can take, cannot be in COLD), wait for 3-5 minutes later, make a coffee. Can be any type of coffee, a 3-in-1 coffee is the most convenient one. If don't have, coffee in can also no problem. But, must be drink in HOT (no ice!)
  2. 20-30 minutes later, the water and coffee you took will make you feel want to wee (go toilet urine). Now, the miracle happen, your running nose, sneeze and head ache is slowly recover/ getting better.

Want to know why is this so helpful?

  1. Coffee can make you get urine frequently, plus the water you drink, is help your body to clear and wash away the the virus invade and breed.
  2. Coffee can makes you awake and improve your low immunue system, as a part of the virus is wash away through urine, your immune will slow gain back, therefore your flu is getting better.

Hope this help.


Malaika's mummy said...

Oh, thanks for the tips. Will definitely try it when I am about to have a flu.

Annie Q said...

Hey!Thanks for sharing.I really need this tips now as i get flu quite often lately. Definetly will try out and will let u know whether it works or not..hahaha..