Tuesday, June 12, 2007

William's birthday party + visits

Last Friday, one of my church youngster - William celebrated his 21st birthday. Since couldn't get to buy his gift before the day, so on Friday noon make a trip to Mid Valley to bought the gift.

Many of times want to pay a visit back to my ex-company, but all the while when I was there is either at night or weekend. So, that day since it still office hour, might as well take the chance back for a visit after shop for gift. Everybody so happy to see me and of cause Terry, some want to see him in person, as all the time I shared photo with them only. Terry boy behave well, a bit shy when ppl want to hug him and once pass to my colleague, straightaway cry for mummy. He still ok when ppl touch him and play with him. When I carry him, he is smile and talking there. Everybody loves to play with him and praise him handsome and tall.

Stay there for 45 mins then I left. "Big head prawn" me (hahaha...) I passed my driving license to get a visitor pass to visit office. Too rush when going back that time I totally forgot to took back. Left my license there overnight. Luckily there are member who work there, Chris help me to get back the next day.

During the morning, I was telling Terry to take nap then later go kai kai. I don't know why he just couldn't sleep for the whole morning as usual. Not sure whether is he know that we are going to kai kai and refuse to sleep. Somehow, after lunch he looks tired, he straightaway fall asleep when I placed him back to his cot. Slept for 1 hours+, my dad pick me up to the mall. He not sleepy until the 2nd feed at 5.30pm the time when we went home, he slept all the way back home in the car.

Attend the birthday party at night, good food and nice environment. Terry all night "mum-mum" non-stop. We back around 9ish, after change and last feed, he fall asleep immediatedly.

(Photo taken with birthday boy and gong2 po2)
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