Thursday, August 02, 2007

Creatures Mummy Hates Most

Lately so many tags running around. Those I happen to read somewhere, soon or later will reach me tagged by someone. It is good too, sometime out of topic to blog, tag serve the best. This tag comes from Sasha, later by Lovely Mummy. I need to do it faster so that I can tag others.

The two most creatures that I hate are,
1) Cockroaches - During the time I stay with parents, always find them at toilet and drain behind kitchen. The 2 long whiskers moving at head so geli. Especially those big cockroach can fly one, once I saw them, my body will feel itchy. Last time got dad and brother kill it for me when I shout for cockroach. Now stay by own with hubby most of the time I kill it with spray. In fact hubby also scared of it.

2) Butterfully larva - like caterpillar in green before it transform to butterfly. I also feel very geli. Last time, my dad plants a lot of "fu guai" flower. During evening plant watering that time, I used to kill those cocoon from eating the leaves.

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