Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Break my blogging record

The time now is pass 12am. Just sum up what I did before I go to dreamland. Today, I really blog like crazy and it have been breaking my blogging records. In total, I have write 12 posts (including this) - 3 non-paid and the rest of 9 are paid posts. I can't imagine I can write so many today. Of cause at the same time also breaking my earning record per day. I've made a total of USD75 for today itself. Highest record since I start doing paid posts. I really so happy...and can't feel the tiredness. If I want to continue there are still some pending one can go for. I think got to stop at the moment.

During those days don't have much paid post to do, I'm not taking nap. But today so many to do, I can have a good 45 minutes nap. I don't know where comes my brain juice today, just feel like it is easy to finish up a post. Unlike some other days, many offers, but just couldn't write it out. No idea to do.

Thanks God for that, I fully utilized the time and it is a very fruitful Tuesday for me. Did I just said wanted to sum things up? Didn't login to 3P at noon today and totally forget today is 1K Tuesday. Just now manage to did the last $5 opps. Now I still pressing the refreshing key to check new opps. I just saw the $50 opps there and some less words opps with higher pay..but it is kelabu liow. Don't know got the luck to get it one more later. It is quite slow in the refresh loading. Think they are many posties waiting for big fat opps.

While waiting do some blog hop first. I need some cheering big laugh out now to celebrate, LOL! I'll hop over to KennySia and Rojaks Daily later, sure they helps!

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L'abeille said...

Woah...*clap clap*
Congratulations on making big big bucks yesterday!!