Saturday, October 30, 2004

Road mad

Tonight 2 of us night out again, Mee Yee wanted to find a new place to have a drink. I got an idea to go Halo café in Subang, but I'm not so sure the way to there, just know that it was nearby Taylors Subang. Mee Yee told me she roughly know the location, therefore ok.. we go. Once we reach the area, OMG, she also lost of direction, don't know where. We 2 soh poh in the car, turn here and there to find. Then I called up Josephine to ask for exact location. She did give us direction but sounds blur blur we continue use our six sense to find. Well not work la... still can't find! choice, I kept calling Jo for 5 times baru get to the place. Huu...tiring man, finally we found, after 1 hour.

We both sit down, and get a drink too tired found the way. hahaha...damn boring tonite 3 singers, they not really have a good voice to sing and I almost can fall asleep. Actually we have another friend joining us but last minute she left her 777. Anyway the place is start to fill up after 11pm. By the time I ciao is almost full house.

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