Friday, October 29, 2004

Office Inbox

Look at my Inbox now, the new emails total is accumulated up to 691. These email I haven't read are from my lovely friends and members. I'm too lazy to go through, is too many now, well one day I need to really clear up...All are forwarded emails, jokes and some junk. I love to read all that, as sometimes is useful and many information too. After reading it, I'll forward it. Don't get mad up I'm not try to bomb ppl's mailbox. Sometimes some lovely article I love to share with my friends. The name I send TO: is become more and more. I remembered once IT head called me up and ask can you lesser down your receipient when you send email. Gosh! kena warning already. Too much friend in my list, much lesser now. I love to use email to keep in touch with my friends and family. Lately I cut down a lot of my fwd emails, too busy at work no time to forward. Some frens even told me that they miss my emails..hahha...

You've got a mail...Got my email?!

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