Saturday, October 09, 2004

Starbuck with friend

Went to yam cha with her just now at USJ Taipan - Starbucks. We met average twice in a month. My secondary schoolmate - Mee Yee. Everytime we met she sure complaining about her car and her bad driving skill :} ..heheh...actually I a bit scare of her driving skill too. She also like to talk about car. Her complain of the month was her car scratch at her house's fencing, got a mark there and is rusted now.

During our drink the staff there serve us this, says that is their new product, Frappacino, cheese cake and blue berry pie. I took a sip of the Frap..yucks!..the Frap is totally out..sour taste one. Cheese cake and the pie is ok la.

Starbuck product test

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