Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Grab hold this, too irresistible

Few months not reading CLEO mag, this month I remind myself must get one. This issue topics quite attracted to me.

featuring : - Why do smart women still smoke?
- Good-time girl or Full-time girl
- "Never good enough gal - How to hush your inner judge"
- Bond breakers - could your friendship survive backstabbing, boy-friend-stealing,bitching?
- When we know he's THE ONE ..but he's dating someone else
- Eat more, lose weight! (it works, really)
- 10 job myths that can hurt your career.

Not only that, there are 3 freebies in this issue, so great!
Moschino purfume 1.5ml, CLEO 9th Birthday party pass at Zouk, 5/11/04 (Fri), 7.30pm. Up to 1000 of goodies bag up for grabs and GUESS? watches catalogue.

Think of joining the party bash, long time not clubbing :} can't wait to read on the magazines and update update myself.

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