Thursday, October 07, 2004


Today almost time get into preparing email to announce to everyone about the information on sports day tomorrow and also organised team leader meeting with my colleagues. Company provide new shirt and hat. Everybody getting so excited about it. But some of us as a committee member for the entertainment have been work out of the plan very hard. From the grouping to the games, equipment and food.
Hopefully it won't rain la..

During lunch time, my friend cum colleague Amilia sharing with me about her personal problem. Her bf going to Penang to establish his business, but before that he need to help his brother to learn on the business first. So her bf asked her to go to Penang with him and stay there, coz he can't hav long distance relationship. He asked her to look for a job in paper now and prepare to follow him to Penang. What she trying to tell me is that she have her own mindset not to go there with him and they even quarrel about it as he not stand her shoe and think of her condition if she going to shift to Penang. Coz till the end of the day both have own life too when still single, even they stay together, not much different in KL or Penang, but of coz Penang is totally new to her and also is not easy for her to get herself comfortable with the place. In her heart she don't want to go..much prefer to stay in KL.

Well, I give her some advise and options too.. to ask her think carefully lorr..don't know what she going to do also..hope she is fine and can think carefully for the good of both parties.

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