Monday, October 25, 2004

Pissed off Monday

Monday working feel so blue. Today need to send Maxis analysis data which already delay for 3 weeks. So, I got to produce different kind of data set to Researcher. Basically, need to produce 4 different kinds. Last week, Field dept (Dept who run all the survey work and data collection) said project closed and quota met (even have a few + - here and there, but they assure me that it is ok one), so while I doing 3rd kind of data anlaysis, suddently Researcher called up and said "No no...wait Judy...project haven't clsoed still got 3 more to go". What the heck! Field side said closed and they said not close pulak. They really play-play man!..I so geram of their irresponsibility lorr...I doing all the analysis whole day just for this project, espcially the 3rd kind it took most hours to prepared, it needs 48 sets of data something to do with comparison chart, now I need to re-do again and re-generate again. So damn pissed off!!! really vomit blood...

What to do delete all the things I do just now lorr...waste my effort only..hhhmmm

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