Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My best buddy

This is Carole, my best buddy since school, same class and stayed the nearest to my house. We not been contact/talked to each other since half a year ago. She got angry with me and another friend over a holiday trip matter. Well, I kinda used to her pattern, all she need is time to heals.

Carol and her NZ uni-mate

Even we not contact each other but from time to time I do sms her and email her. She not replied me means it shows that she still angry with me. But, few weeks ago finally got her reply. Today is her birthday. This day I will never forget. Last night, I bought her a birthday present and Strudels Strawberry tart, just hope that I can do something to save this friendship. I just pass it to her family since she not yet back from work. Finally...finally late night, she called up and thanks for the present. She told me she just want to take the tart but not the present. Well, I kinda disappointed and tears in eye :'( Thinking tat why she like that and reject my special gift, is she still angry with me? She did explain is because she angry over the past matter and it is not appropriate to accept my gift. Thats the reasons she gives. Well ok lorr..I also don't want to force her, she will return the gift to me.

We chatted a while and she promised will call me back. After put down the call, my feel at one side is happy - because this friendship can be continue. Sad is that, she rejected my gift. I cannot afford to lost this friend, even we have hurt each other before, just hope that after every incidence we will understand each other more.

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