Sunday, October 24, 2004

True God

Don't say that I'm so holy here or religious. I just want to understand what is the universe know about True God mean. Dad told me that today he picked up an Indian woman customer from KL, she said she going to buy the Indian God picture for praying. This is sounds same to chinese, when chinese new year, buddist will buy a new statue to pray and get away the old one. As what you can see those unwanted one under the big tree. Why? why like that? aren't there are God are the precious and holy one. My goodness..True God it should be bought in any form and God is not handmade statue..Sometimes I really so disappointed seeing people did to their "God" in that way.

Think deeply on the above situation, sometime we may follow blindly the religion carry down from generation. We should be understand that what is True God is. Should we need to buy a God to pray, should we place a God in the house, and not only one God infact a few sitting in a row. God is not in use them for a purpose to make you be wealthy. For eg. chinese like to pray their God to give them 4 digit number and grant them a dream to get rich in a night. Many many thousand of those statue God in the chinese believe and all are man made. How come not get the one who is most powerful one and get rid of others? many many other example, would not say it all here..sometime chinese did are so ridiculous.

True God is the one who can't see and can't touch, and all the time be with us and protect us. Since I was young whereby in those year I can start thinking what religion is I have realise all this and analyst religion did and way of praying. My experience was very deep especially on what I saw in my past grandparents funeral service, we followed whatever the funeral master says and did all under his monitor, did we really understand what it means behind, any prove? Wow.. I really not like it and not willing to believe in that anymore. That is the reason why I in search of christianity truth since I was 12 yrs old. Been baptist for the past 7 years. I can diffrentiate what is truth and what is not truth in the religion.

Friend out there who reading this, pls feel free to think about it and I willing to tell you more for you in search of true religion. Great day!

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