Saturday, October 02, 2004

Times have changed

Today read an article Five myths debunked in Star paper feel it was so close describe to the times now. The reality means. All this 5 points more or less did apply to me. Especially these 2 statement caught much of my attention.

1."Be frugal when you’re young, so you can enjoy life and travel when you’re old"
- I think when we are still young, don't let our young age, once a while reward ourself a short trip or something we like. Do not let go our young life and wait until old age only plan to do whatever we want. Cause if we wait until old age, I think we already do not have the stamina to make it. I'm practising now to get what I wish and want to do and works towards that.

2. "If you’re a girl, play hard to get. Always let the guy pay during a date"
-OMG, I'm not practising this la..I still spend on date. Girl nowadays are more independent compare to last time.

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