Saturday, October 23, 2004

Night out

Went out with Mee Yee for dinner and drink at Hartamas. It seems very quiet tonight, don't have much crowd, don't know why. Mee Yee is a HR exec in a MNC. She told me many things about being in HR line and importance of a HR role in company, her job area and responsiblity. Well she having not a easy job also..hai....all working world is like that, different position having its own stress and problem. If you can take it then you can stay on, else you go. Thats it..

I feel that nowadays society we can't work and work on what we work on in a job, we also need to be in multi use and juggle in many area, very competitive now. For eg, you know master in HTML, but you do not know SQL or Java then the percentage of people in using ur knowledge and skill is less down. You know computer but also need to know how to manage others. Do you know that all knowledge can't learn from book. To me this knowledge is learn from young to old which is Society knowledge. I'm hardly to learn on this, may be because I seldom mixed with people who having that kind of knowledge. Thats why I like to listen to ppl experience and do analyst in thinking of that. I like that ask, and then listen to them. This is the way I use to get the information and knowledge in different area.

What else?

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