Thursday, October 14, 2004

Difference of the day

Guess what I'm doing this morning, I did something that I extremely seldom do when go to work. Thats is I put on make up this morning. Just a very light one. Once I stepped into pantry to make a Milo, cross over from cubicle to cubicle and when walk around in the office. Here are the some question and their expression.

'ei, you make up today ah?'
'why suddently make up today? not as the usual you wor..'
'what is so special to you today? why u make up?'
'ei..looks different leh today, so nice and different of you when make up...'
'moi, make up ke?..cantik la u buat hari ni..looks sweet. eye shadow brand apa pakai, colour so sweet'
'oi..oi...make up ha today, got date ah?' start looking my left and right eye 'u also having good eyeshadow ya!' then I replied her by saying her eye shadow is nicer..coz hwer technic to apply 2 shades is very special..

My replies to the above are with smiles, thanks and 'I don't have date today'. Just because I got time this morning, feeling good, so I make up. You know what, some colleague even start realise that make up really is meant for young ones and it is so powerful coz it gives big impact to our look. They even start chit-chat on make up topic. ho ho.ho...

What I make today to make it so difference. Concealer to cover obvious dark spots, i-nouvi gelbase foundation, Kose face powder tap on it (to make it long lasting, actually loose powder will do, but I don't have), Red earth sweet purple eye shadow, Maybeline lipstick, thats all...

My personal opinion, I not so used to make up everyday, coz face skin condition not that good, less use is better. Normally only for clubbing and dinner only I apply make up. All colleagues sounds so surprise when saw someone make up is because in 70% girls are not make up at all in my office..yes, I mean not even a lips stick is on.

Today works all are very very rush one, anyway still manage to kick off some messy project and request. During lunch time, too bad that MD not join us coz he booked by DiGi client to hav lunch, so left 9 of us. We ordered 6 dishes and rice, drinks and dessert stomach full until dinner also take little only. Tracy gave each of us a pen as an appreciation gift. Eat too full of coz is ZZzzz during works...1n half hour later, Research site call for birthday celebration again.. why so special is because MD birthday..ohh boss call all must go..ok la..go there stand a while pay some respect to him, coz normally monthly birthday celebration not that all many people will go n sing song.

After work went to bought a gift for Wei Fern. We bought a necklace for her. Hope she will like it, from 3 of us. OK la, thats all for today, good nite...

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