Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Different lifestyle and people in this world

Sometime is nice to study people's lifestyle and I like to think and analyst ppl's attitude/thinking, and how they do. Been having lunch with Karen (my colleague) this afternoon, everytime also over 1 hour when go lunch with her, coz we having too much to talk about. Like chinese have 1 saying that, 'The same rice feed hundred different kind of people' that what it means. We talked about the different reaction encounter by girls towards courtship, spending behaviour, attitude, girls single lifestyle...etc...all girl topics.

Like what Brandon shared to me before, many kind of people doing different things in Fitness. Some went for sauna only, some bath and have drink only, some read paper/mag only, some stay/loaf in the restroom whole night without doing anything, some want to know girls/friends, some chit-chat only, some looking for sales business...etc..everybody have a living skill that not doing one thing at a time, after all it is a world of competitive.

This is what I mean.

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