Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Holiday planning

Next month I have 6 days off for public holiday, and I think of going for holiday. These few days have been checking out for some trip to Hong Kong and Beijing for coming year end holiday. I think of going to HK or Singapore for free and easy. Still looking at my budget how far can I go and try to look for some friends to go on board with me. Beijing tour will need to liase with Brandon. What I think is Beijing tour can experience more, whereas Singapore and HK only for eat and shop.

Just now chat with Agnes, she pretty welcome me if I'm decide to go Singapore. She did advise me on Beijing's weather and HK one too. Been a while not chat with her and glad that she is doing fine with her pregnant life, she is going to delivered her baby girl end of November/beginning og December.

Will see how la...hope really can go this time :)

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