Thursday, October 28, 2004

Policy review

Meet Tess (from Prudential) during lunch and she have a look on my current ING policy, she did suggested me to add on my medical card sum insured to 100k. Well after meeting up with her, I re-calculate my premium, wow..I can't take it la...I think I need to hold on Prudential and have a discuss with my current agent first to see what can I do to top up rather than taking another company one.

Today finally got meeting with committee members to plan the coming Annual Dinner. I'm again same as last year involve in Lucky draw/ performance gift. We let our fellow colleagues to vote the annual theme. Glad that my suggestion of theme "Fall and Winter Night" is on voting poll now...

I'm doing a daily check on my spending conscious, this is to record how much I really need to spend in a month. I just spend like normal nothing spend more or less due to my check. Every night from this week onward I will note down in a small book what I spend in a day. Yes, is on every single cents spend. At the end of the day I can make myself so call a budget in spending. This also help me in having more saving. Wish me luck!~~~

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