Friday, October 08, 2004

Sports Day

Sports day this afternoon, it was totally a Having another highlight of the day which is "The Most Creative Team". Each team need to so call "decorate" ourselve. Too bad that last minute my team leader not thinking of anything, and end up Phaik Li and I during lunch came out with some idea and rushing to get the material ready. Although we feel a bit pissed off of that having him as the leader, anyway is ok we just do it, just for fun of it. It doesn't matter whether we win or not at the end of the day and what prize we going to get. Well, it didn't spoilt my mood for the whole day at all, afterall I have been enjoy preparing it also.
Green team
During the games on. I totally enjoy myself very well and play all 6 games. Our team able to win once. The game we win is to use a plastic bag with holes and the water dropping from one end to another. We managed to have 8 inches height water collected measuring from the pail.

This call 'warm up' game. You can see how hard we try to squeese into the cloth area.

This is 'Melon fun' game, eat the water melon without hand. This is not me is ah May.

This is the prize.

Have been a great great day with nice weather with no hot sun. Coz during the planning all of us afraid that how to on the Sports day if it is rain. Thank God it doesn't rain at all, I know other places rain, but not that the venue. Wow, reach tired la..Tonight still have "Malaysia Idol" Grand Final. Watch until half way I fall asleep..Well, continue tomorrow night the result show.

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