Sunday, October 17, 2004

Meeting up after long time..

This morning went to Canaan Baptist Church, Sri Petaling to listen to my favourite pastor sermon section. The world is very small I met my colleague Carol, a Senior Project Director in that church. She was there to attending the English section, while I'm in chinese. Also, mum met a long time ago neighbour which stayed a few doors next to us more than 20 years ago. Others I do met a lot of members there, this last time we were together before in those event/gathering and have a quite update with them. Feeling so good that I can met them back after long time.

After having lunch with mum, we heading down to grocery store to pick up some necessary househould item. Later I went down to KLCC and Sg. Wang with Brandon, we shopped again this weekend. KLCC changed a lot and have new shop lots now. Kinda long time not went there..Brandon update his wardrobe with his newly discovered brand, while I bought a pair of shoe, shirt, contact lense and this ....

Block Buffer
This thing is use to shine your nail. Found it @ Isetan, KLCC. This sanding block, buff away uneven surface and stain of nails. Very easy to use, rub the nails at the 'buff' side to remove ridges and dead cells of nails, then turn over to the opposite the 'shine' side and rub again. This shine gives nail natural shine. Just that, its done! Nails look clean and shine.

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