Monday, October 18, 2004

Pot Luck Lunch

Once in every month pot luck lunch back again, everyone who join have to prepared a dish. I've miss the previous round due to heavy work load. For this month Jennifer purposely want me and others from my dept to participate, since all not join for previous round. So ok lorr..since now work ok then I joined la..I brought 'loh mai' fan' (glutinous rice) to share with others. In this pot luck we can try out different different dishes together, all are delicious and this also serve the purpose to get close with other colleagues.

Pot luck lunch we having mee with mince beef and mushroom, sauce eggs, fried chicken, fried wantan, sauce chicken, vege soup, cheesecake, rojak, jelly. Not much variety compare to previous month because many colleagues have client meeting and some need to go out. So this round less people and less food.

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