Friday, October 22, 2004


These 2 days during my work, I feel very very tension, like I can't free myself in my mind...many things seems running up and down in my mind, and I can't concentrate well, a bit bad tempered also when talking to my male colleague even look at me like one kind, yes, I really one kind these 2 days..OMG..wat happen to me..???!!!! emotional one...

Just now while taking bath I kept on thinking on what really makes me have that stress on. Yes, it could be when I miss someone extremely much and can't see everyday, its really makes me super tension. I think this is very bad what I can do is I look at the big frame picture hanging on the wall, in the purse, besides the bed and plays that picture in my mind. This picture very powerful can kill my moment of tension and makes me relax a bit yes, just a lil bit only...

Another tension definately comes from my regional project. Ever since beginning handle this monthly job, I tension and preasure to the max, especially when newbies handle it. I need to teach and guide them like a baby step by step, it can't goes wrong. Again it is not fair, last time my senior no guide me at all, once past to me and live or died all on your hand. Well now different world already, once something not right I'm the one kena call by boss.Hmm..kena before already, I just take it easy. This is company 2nd most money making project drop on my hand, main control by HK. Yes, it went wrong today, lagi tension..the newbies this month can't handle it, he also handle many projects, so since start preparing and launch the project I take full charge of it. Today took almost 3/4 of the day to correct all the error and ammendment to the effected files. This money making project involve whole Malaysia, so can imagine how many files to correct one by one lehh...then send back to them and teach them how to load files, explain the ammendment done and also liase all the things...actually not my first time la..every project also got something not right here and there is just that whether is minor or major.

That's me. Perfectionist, causes all the preassure and tension. Thats why I need some breeze and breath. Looking forward for my Hong Kong trip to realise one day. Yeah about holiday travel plan, haii.....can't make it...cause of many many financial reasons I don't want to make myself not happy, so plan again next time.

Can someone sing me a song from Tension?

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