Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Crazy looking for gift

Wei Fern (my colleague cum schmate last time) going to celebrate her birthday this coming Friday, so Karen (from her dept) suggested that we all share money and buy her a gift, this include me and Yik Yan (part time staff working in my dept now also schmate) 7 of us shared out. Karen and I suggested that either bought her a purfume or handbag. Today lunch time, we went around the survey the gift and will select it after some comparison and choice.

After lunch, Karen went to collect money from those who want to shared. At last minute her dept staff said don't want to spend on her gift now. Wow...Karen so pissed off and she intercom me and told me that. Actually I quite dissapointed also, suddently all change their mind. Now left 3 of us share off. She keep on mumble that they so stingy la this and that la...well we don't want to dissapointed her coz she always so remember and a caring girl to everyone. So we will plan again what to buy.

So while shopping for gift today before and after work, I saw a pink colour pant from Zara for it fall-winter season collection. It was so temptating. I think I gonna get it, still under considering. Well, tomorrow we will hunt again for other gift for Wei Fern. For me, if not sharing out with anyone I will treat her a meal on that day.

Hae Yong shared with me her wedding day online photo album. So many of it, I viewed it for half and hour. So sweet of her and my cousin bro. She so thoughtful that she will mail me the related family photo.

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