Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Good day

My lovely cousin sis SMS me early morning 2.40am. Rupa-rupanya she invites me to join her party this Friday at Bar Fly. Not mention anything going on, but I know is her birthday la..Well still thinking on whether to join or not..no partner to go with me :( but I really hope I can be there.

This morning listen to this WA FM 97.6 while going to work. Host by KK and Chui Ling. Both really create a lot of laughter in the morning. Although morning time not much latest info and news to present, normally they more on create topics. Sometimes I feel they crazy, 'pak chi' and 'san pat', on the way they talk. But they really create little laughter in the morning, which really cheer me up. This morning they came back with the session "tai zing gu". They call a 'unknown', KK talk in gal voice address the person with not the correct name, then they start talk non-stop on the phone, without let any chnce for the person who they call to answer and ask, this makes the person feel funny and curious, and in actual they don't know who is the one who calling them. Really farny..hahaha....all talk rubbish and crap, actually no special meaning just laugh on the crap and they way they talk...

My ex-colleague came to office visit us after office hour, he sent us 'red boom' for his wedding, mid of this month. He sent out quite a lot to others of my colleague too. This senior of mine before, he looks fresh and more energetic than last time when he still with my company. No wonder la...he said his new company less work and less stress, may be is because small organisation. Company culture also very relax, 5 days work, from 9am-5.30pm but start work at 10am after yam cha and loafing, sometime lunch more than 1 hour!..how good is that...sooo envy..haha..hai...all my colleague include me really working die die la..work until so 'chan' in Synovate. He even get a shock when he know that we still the same handle that much of project.

Is my turn to go for ECS - Employee satisfaction survey today. Questions all ask about your work, organisation relationship to you, employer and employee relationship..etc.. . Well..almost statements I gave a below average rating compared with last year. Half an hour complete 31 questions include 2 own comment question.

Know that the company annual dinner theme going to be mad headed night (things to do about head-gear). My suggested theme not being selected :( well is ok lorr...still something fresh to do.

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