Sunday, November 21, 2004

Busy Sunday

Right after church today, the rest of my day have spend in preparing wedding stuff. First, went to bridal studio to ask for photo/video man, makeup artist, coat measurement, booking time for gown try, album book repair (this gonna be bad, as my album kept for a while the side of the book came out already).

After all this done, we went to our fren's house at Cheras 9th miles, to get some of her advise on wedding-things-to-do. Before we left the place about 5pm+ we pass by Kajang town and taste the Kajang Satay, never been there to eat before, very nice lorr. Love it, yummy!

This was very very rush hour, coz today I need to attend Kim Boon's wedding, and promised my colleague to pick me up at 7pm. Gosh, I reached home only by 7pm, so I called her to come at 7.30pm. I quickly shower, dress up, blow hair and make up. 7.20pm, Li Li was at my gate already. We managed to reach at 7.45pm, dinner starts 8.45pm. I was very tired and sleepy. Dinner ok taste not bad, only things is the tai kam jie very noisy, anyway she was making fun of the guest. After dinner, manage took photo with Kim Boon and browse thru his photo album. Reach home at 11.30pm, tired already.

From left: Chong, Chew, me, Alice, Poh Lin, Lily and Esther.

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