Monday, November 08, 2004

My turn for wed plan

Arrrghh...been seeing a lot of relatives and friends how they go thru their wedding plan and get things turn out to be a memorable one. Now my turn liow...been planning out together since a year ago. Now is the right time to get things roll on..

This week is parent meet up time to talk about marriage arrangement. Follow on that, would be 2 of us to carry out the plan, including ROM, house renovation, dinner attandee name list, dinner booking, card printing, do a lot of calling up, ceremony year would be our year to tied the knot.

Well really a lot to do, I prefer all things go simple and yet memorable one. Since Brandon's family will come over. My mum and dad both start cleaning the house, later Raya holiday will paint the house. Just now I even start writing down all the relatives and friends name with them. Things to do is getting more and yet to list.

Brandon have start up homepage special about our wedding. This include both our story from young age till now. Will let everyone know once we are ready.

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[[vialentino]] din know u got blog too...keep updating it yeah