Friday, November 26, 2004

Things are comfirm

Finally got my makeup artist set! cheong sam tailor set! and test making card almost ok! Makeup artist was recommended by Tess. After few comparison, found that she giving reasonable price and better service, so I take her. Cheong sam I've got the E'tho designer wear tailor to tailor made for me, with the design and cloth I want. She also give some opinion on my design, will collect after 1 month. I also ordered 200 pcs leafs for making my invitation card. Have test it out the result is simply satisfied. I think I still need to modified here and there la..especially the ribbon part. This weekend will also going to comfirm the DVD for bridal shoot and Video cameraman.

You know what, after I inform friends about my wedding, a few of long-time-no-see friends are calling up again to keep in touch. The feeling was still know the touch was so close again and also feel miss them, coz long-time-no-see. OK lorr...we chit-chat to update each other and the feel was still that close, and it never apart from us eventhough LTNC.

Yahoo! today is pay day...

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