Thursday, November 04, 2004

Dad's word

I have a friendly and open minded dad, since young he seldom shout at his children. Thats why I so love to talk to him. Anything I happy, unhappy, any problem, difficulties I will talk to him. We share a lot of story, as he can share his experience and how to deal with situation, so that I will be take pre-caution and know how to make wise decision. Sometimes I even throw my frustration I faced to him...haha..well he really have the great power to clam me, comfort me and cheer me.

Today I discuss with my dad about I want to have another investment policy. He certainly agree with me to take an investment one, because the return is better. Get at young age which cover all in 1 is better after all. So I still doing comparison within Great Eastern and Prudential about the coverage area in the policy. I should get one after listen to my dad advise.

See from an undecided one to decided really makes a lot of different. After listen to his advise I got more confident in doing all things. I don't know how one day if this great dad is not with me all the time.

Treasure all the moment with your loves one!

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