Saturday, November 20, 2004

Gathering with schoolmate

Yesterday night it was a fantastic one to meet up my primary+high school frens - Carol and Josephine. We not meet each other for 4 years time, as we are busy with own works and pak toh. Tonight we finally can meet up. Although previously I did ask for gathering but seems everyone was so busy. So today I feel extremely greatful for 2 of them can turn up on this gathering. I tell you a night for us is pretty not enough to share our story.

Carol and me first having dinner at this Siam Kitchen, Jo join later as she late for work. We ordered ala-carte dinner. As the food serve, still can't stop our chat. Coz we really long time not contact. The feeling was so touch and close again like last time. Gosh, I tell you we chat until the food is getting cold and we also can't finish it. It was like not eating also can feel full embrassing that we not even realiase that we talk so loud in the restaurant until the near table ppl look at 2 of paiseh...luckily the table near us is empty if not I think ppl will complained us already.

Later when Jo join us, we continue our chat and sharing at Starbucks...time flies just a blink, we gathering until 11pm then we go home. Both of them also promised to be my 'ji mui' during my big day and willing to offer any help in anyway on my preparation. What a thoughtful said that, since I married at this age, next time my children can be their flower boy or girl..hahah...Before we go we promised to meet up again, and all of us are looking for the day.

You know so long I'm not having this close feeling already. It was a touching a remembrance gathering.

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