Monday, November 22, 2004

Friends are helping hand

I rarely ask friend for help. In fact, friend in deed are friend in need (am I right?) This is very very true, whenever I need a helping hand, friends are there for you. During my these 2 weeks of wedding preparation, I really deep in touch with their help. As I need contacts for makeup artist, inviation card material, tailor, beautician, costume, as whatever I need, I asked for their recommendation. I got their calls day after days for those contacts they have. Friends you all are so great, thank you very much, all effort are appreaciate.

My closest cousin sis, Evan, my bridemaid to-be, she also lend her helping hand in searching for the contacts and on and off she did gave me a lot of advise, even she is younger than me, she can tell from experience, for those wedding occasion she attend /come across.

Today during office hour, since not much urgent work to do, I call up all the contacts on hand to ask more, make comparison and fix appointment. Really... many many things to do and to go on. Are you boring reading my blog lately? all..... writing about wedding preapation? haha..yes, is pretty more to go.... read hard ^_^

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